Giant of the Sea
Russian heavy cruiser Admiral Nachimov
conducts a missile test in the White Sea

Iranian sea base in the Strait of Hormuz

Mighty Mo
USS Missouri fires her mighty 406mm guns
during Operation Desert Storm

Rule Britannia
HMS Ark Royal leads a task force to the Gulf of Aden

Send in the Marines!
US Expeditionary Strike Group 1

Chopper Launch
USS Tarawa launches two helicopters in the morning mist

Hornet Flyby
Two FA-18 Hornets on CAP mission

Night Launch
USS Gettysburg launches a Tomahawk missile

In Trouble Deep
Spruance Class USS Cushing limps home after two direct hits

Jam Session
Two EA-6B Prowlers give a Russian Slava and Kara cruiser a noisy afternoon

No Place To Hide
US Ohio class submarines will get trouble

Arctic Wolves
Cruiser Kerch protects a Russian vessel from two US submarines during an icy storm

Dangerous Couple
Two Russian Udaloy destroyers during a night mission

Missile Master
Russian cruiser Fleet Admiral Lobov sends some nasty greetings towards the US Taskforce

CAP Business
Two Su-33Flankers protecting Russian Taskforce "Ruby" Rubachencov

Taskforce Ruby
Russian carrier Kiev and supporting vessels leave port

(c) 2011 Tom Drechsel